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ARA Marine has extensive capabilities in servicing, maintaining and supplying fire fighting equipment.


  • Inspecting, testing, servicing, maintenance, and certification of fire suppression systems to regulatory and OEM requirements.
    – Fire sprinkler systems
    – Water spray and mist
    – Fire sprinkler systems
    – Water spray and mist systems
    – Kitchen fire suppression systems
    – Foam systems
    – Gaseous systems
    – Vehicle fire suppression systems
  • Inspecting, testing, servicing, maintenance, and certification of fire detection and alarms systems to regulatory and OEM requirements.
    – Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
  • Fire Indicator Panels (FIP)
  • Inspecting, testing, servicing, maintenance, and certification of fire fighting equipment in line with Australian Standards and IMO/ SOLAS requirements.
    – Fire extinguishers
    – Fire blankets
    – Fire hose reels and cabinets
    – Fire and blast proof doors and frames
    – Emergency eyewash and shower equipment
  • Testing of cylinders at our SAI Global approved national test stations
  • Foam sample analysis
  • New supply of fire fighting systems and equipment
  • Onsite assistance and training


Marine Classification approved with DNV-GL, Lloyds Register and ABS.

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) approved.


In most cases, work is completed in-situ. However, if pressure testing or repairs are required, we send cylinders and equipment to one of our testing facilities. ARA Marine is able to arrange removal, testing and reinstallation of cylinders and equipment requiring this service.

ARA Marine has an established fire extinguisher exchange program, so that any equipment which fails testing is able to be repaired or replaced as required with minimal interruption to the site/vessel’s operations.

Our service team is available 24/7 to attend to any marine fire fighting equipment requirements. Please email or contact 1800 003 473 (24 hrs hotline).


  • Annual, bi-annual, and five-yearly inspection of fixed and portable fire fighting equipment
  • Service of all portable and fixed fire fighting or suppression systems onboard
  • Inspection and service of breathing apparatus and emergency escape sets
  • Hydrotesting and refilling of cylinders
  • Laboratory service – Foam analysis and moisture content test
  • Breathing air quality test

DNV-GL, ClassNK, BV, and LR Class approved service supplier for FFE and SCBA services:

  • Life saving appliances
  • Fire Fighting equipment
  • SCBA service

Approval/Certificate Numbers:

Class NK:  
20FE015 / 20TZ101
PTH0 / LW / 201910020526 AM
PTH0 / LW / 201910020439 AM


  • MSC/Circ.1114
  • MSC.1/Circ.1516
  • MSC.1/Circ.1312
  • MSC.1/Circ.1318
  • MSC.1/Circ.1432
  • MSC/Circ.670
  • FSS Code
  • SOLAS II-2
  • MSC/Circ.798
  • MSC/Circ.799
  • IMO Resolution A.951(23)
  • MSC.81(70)

Flag state tailored service

Different flag states have different standards when it comes to inspection of fire fighting equipment. We are familiar with the flag state requirements, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your vessel.

  • Panama
  • Marshall Islands
  • Liberia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malta

Ports covered

  • Brisbane
  • Gladstone
  • Sydney​
  • Newcastle
  • Port Hedland
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Fremantle
  • Townsville
  • Mackay
  • Darwin
  • Port Kembla
  • Geelong

Fire fighting equipment service engagement

Covering all major Australian ports.

Firefighting appliances (FFA) / FFE inspection – Annual and 5-Yearly

At ARA Marine we offer class approved FFE Inspection / Fire protection and Fire Fighting Equipment annual and 5-yearly inspection in Australia.

All classification societies have set up rules for conducting various Monthly, Annually and 5-yearly inspections which are needed to be carried out in order to keep the Fire Fighting Appliances ready for operation at all times.

Contact us for annual and 5-yearly inspection of Fire protection and Firefighting Equipment.

Following are the inspections which are to be carried out:

Air Recharging System for SCBA

  • Equipment and Air Quality need to be tested Annually by Service Technician or Maker.


  • Equipment shall be tested and inspected Annually.
  • Performing Hydrostatic Testing on SCBA Cylinders- 5 Yearly

Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Annual and Periodic Inspections.
  • Fire Extinguishers together with Propellant Cartridges to be Hydraulically Tested by Service Technician 10-yearly.



  • Inspection, and Servicing of EEBD.

Fixed Fire Extinguishing System

  • Annual and 2 Yearly Inspection of Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems.
  • Onboard inspection of the fixed fire extinguishing system
  • The level check of Cylinders


Fixed Foam Tank

  • Foam Analysis


FFE Services

ARA Marine provides cost-effective and quality FFE Servicing on

  1. SCBA
  2. EEBD
  3. Fixed CO2 System
  4. Breathing Air Compressor
  5. Portable Fire Extinguishers
  6. Semi-Portable Fire Extinguishers
  7. Fire Extinguisher Recharging and Repair
  8. Fire Alarm Panel testing and troubleshooting
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Specialised Marine Services

ARA Marine has fully equipped facilities and highly trained and accredited service technicians located around Australia. In addition, ARA Marine has a team of mobile service technicians who are on-call 24/7 for deployment throughout Australia, New Zealand and into the Pacific. 

Fire fighting systems and equipment

ARA Marine has extensive capability in servicing, maintaining and supplying fire fighting systems and equipment.

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Pressure vessels, relief valves and mechanical equipment

ARA Marine exceeds the demands of today’s quality-conscious customer and provides the highest level of testing and certification services.

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Ships, boats and davits

ARA Marine provides ship, boat, and davit inspection and repair services compliant to IMO MSC 402(96) and SOLAS Chapter III which require five yearly inspections.

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Ship repair and underwater services

ARA Marine provides comprehensive ship repair and underwater services for marine engines and underwater inspections and repairs.

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Hyperbaric / Breathing air systems

ARA Marine is a leader in hyperbaric services. Our hyperbaric technicians are OEM accredited and experienced in the inspection, testing, service, maintenance, and certification of breathing air compressors and breathing apparatus onshore and offshore.

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Marine electrical and automation

ARA Marine provides comprehensive electrical solutions for marine power generation, power distribution and automation control.

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Industry Specialisation

ARA Marine provides specialty marine safety services, technical support and engineering solutions to the commercial shipping, yacht, and offshore maritime industry in 16 major Australian ports.

ara-sector-Oil and gas

Oil and gas

ARA Marine provides the oil and gas industry with the highest standard of inspection, testing, service, maintenance, certification, and project and asset management for critical safety equipment.



ARA Marine has extensive experience in the defence industry. Our experienced personnel have an in-depth knowledge of how the Department of Defence operates and understand the Department’s unique and stringent work requirements.



ARA Marine operates in a variety of industrial areas and environments including mining, resources, gas plants, refineries, power stations, wineries and agriculture.

ara-sector-Commercial vessels

Commercial vessels

ARA Marine is a well-known and respected name in the commercial vessel industry. We are renowned for high-quality work, service excellence and in-depth knowledge that is unrivalled in safety.