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ARA Marine has qualified refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians specialising in the marine and shipping industry.

For the comfort of the ship’s staff, the marine air conditioner and refer unit needs to be kept in its best shape. Our refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians are stationed Australia-wide for prompt attendance. Our technicians have vast experience in the maintenance and servicing of marine refrigeration systems on board vessel.

ARA Marine provides qualified refrigeration and air-conditioning technician for marine and shipping industry. Our technicians are fully aware of the IMO regulations relevant to use of ozone depleting substances on board vessels.

Qualified marine refrigeration and air-conditioning technician (HVAC)

ARA Marine technicians are specifically trained for marine industry air-conditioning plants . Our technicians troubleshoot both mechanical and electrical issues of chillers, refrigeration, cooling units prior to factory acceptance testing.

ARA Marine offers the following refrigeration and air-conditioning services:

  • Provision plant maintenance and servicing
  • Accommodation AC maintenance and servicing
  • ECR and bridge AC maintenance and servicing
  • Portable AC maintenance and servicing
  • Cooler cleaning
  • Re-gassing
  • Leak repairs
  • Mechanical repairs
Our service team is available 24/7 to provide marine refrigeration and air-conditioning services. Please email or contact 1800 003 473 (24 hrs hotline).

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Specialised Marine Services

ARA Marine has fully equipped facilities and highly trained and accredited service technicians located around Australia. In addition, ARA Marine has a team of mobile service technicians who are on-call 24/7 for deployment throughout Australia, New Zealand and into the Pacific. 

Fire fighting systems and equipment

ARA Marine has extensive capability in servicing, maintaining and supplying fire fighting systems and equipment.

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Pressure vessels, relief valves and mechanical equipment

ARA Marine exceeds the demands of today’s quality-conscious customer and provides the highest level of testing and certification services.

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Ships, boats and davits

ARA Marine provides ship, boat, and davit inspection and repair services compliant to IMO MSC 402(96) and SOLAS Chapter III which require five yearly inspections.

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Ship repair and underwater services

ARA Marine provides comprehensive ship repair and underwater services for marine engines and underwater inspections and repairs.

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Hyperbaric / Breathing air systems

ARA Marine is a leader in hyperbaric services. Our hyperbaric technicians are OEM accredited and experienced in the inspection, testing, service, maintenance, and certification of breathing air compressors and breathing apparatus onshore and offshore.

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Marine electrical and automation

ARA Marine provides comprehensive electrical solutions for marine power generation, power distribution and automation control.

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Industry Specialisation

ARA Marine provides specialty marine safety services, technical support and engineering solutions to the commercial shipping, yacht, and offshore maritime industry in 16 major Australian ports.

ara-sector-Oil and gas

Oil and gas

ARA Marine provides the oil and gas industry with the highest standard of inspection, testing, service, maintenance, certification, and project and asset management for critical safety equipment.



ARA Marine has extensive experience in the defence industry. Our experienced personnel have an in-depth knowledge of how the Department of Defence operates and understand the Department’s unique and stringent work requirements.



ARA Marine operates in a variety of industrial areas and environments including mining, resources, gas plants, refineries, power stations, wineries and agriculture.

ara-sector-Commercial vessels

Commercial vessels

ARA Marine is a well-known and respected name in the commercial vessel industry. We are renowned for high-quality work, service excellence and in-depth knowledge that is unrivalled in safety.